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About David

Background & Personal Life

I was born in Dallas, TX, on what I'm sure was a delightful afternoon. We stayed in DFW (a tremendous blessing). I grew up in Southlake, TX and graduated from Carroll High School. There, I was a 3-sport athlete (football, wrestling and track.) Athletics were a massive part of my life. It's the biggest contributing factor to the person I am and the character I exhibit today.

After high school, I attended Texas Christian University. I walked-on to the football team and eventually earned a scholarship. I received a under-grad degree in economics, and then went on to receive my Master of Liberal Arts & Sciences (with an economics emphasis). Go Frogs! After stints in the West Texas oil field and mineral acquisition, I dove into real estate and never looked back! Helping people is my purpose, real estate is my vehicle.

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David Stoltzman footbal
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Why Real Estate?

I've always had "the bug" from a young age. Some of my first memories as a child were walking around job sites in our neighborhood with my dad. I also worked in construction for a custom home builder & roofer in high school, and a little in college. The aesthetic design of a home both inside and out; the architecture; the materials; the feel of a neighborhood; the history; economics; selling -- these all consume my interest -- and you find it all in real estate! I always knew I would be in real estate in some capacity, but it wasn't until 2016 I realized being a career Realtor was the perfect fit for me. Obviously, I love homes. I thrive in situations where I'm being counted on to perform. I love leading people. I'm passionate about relationships. I live to make others happy. I wake up every morning blessed I get to help people like you!

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Why David?

  1. Honesty: I will hit you right between the eyes with the truth every time. Even if it costs me your business.
  2. Communication/Access: I answer the phone (what a concept). You will be over-communicated to and followed-up with feverishly.
  3. Effort: You get my very best until you close. There's nothing I wont do to sell your home or find your next one. It's that simple.
  4. Knowledge & Skills: Through digital marketing; data analytics; agent network relationships; and acute sub-market expertise, I set the standard on selling your home or finding your next one.
  5. Peace of Mind: One of the most stressful experiences today for people is buying or selling a home... when you have the wrong Realtor. Little or no stress when buying/selling comes from flawless guidance and preparation. It's what I pride myself on the most.