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Meet. Sign. Close -- Nothing In Between!

NOTICE: Your offer comes with no obligation. It is also good for 30 days from the day of the offer. Nobody will bug you to sign anything nor will anyone come to your home without your permission. Should you like your offer, please call 817-455-4109 for further instruction!


What types of homes/properties do you purchase?

Any kind of home!

  • Single-Family Detached (house with a yard on its own lot)
  • Duplexes/Single-Family Attached
  • Condos
  • Townhomes
  • Mobile Homes w/ Land
  • Luxury (up to $2MM)

These are homes that typically need less than $20,000-worth of repairs -- or need no repairs at all! It generally comes down to circumstances and preferences. If the home needs more than $20,000-worth of repairs, the offer will adhere to a simple "Cash Offer Formula".

Who is your typical seller?

The typical seller is -- put simply -- someone who values ease and speed/leisure of transaction above maximizing their profit. Excluding the very rare circumstance, there is no "best of both worlds". You will net the most money for your home if you traditionally list with an agent... but you will have 10, 20, 50 showings in a given week create a bidding war through an aggressive pricing strategy; and build an air-tight contract that goes by lending/title guidelines. What you sacrifice is ease and leisure of the transaction. That being said, does this sound like you?
"I got a massive promotion, and need to just get the home sold & closed by the end of the month..."
"We inherited a home from a family member, and just want to off-load the responsibility..."

"I am officially divorced, or headed that way, and need the home sold without broadcasting it to the neighborhood or to our friends..."
"We've fallen behind in payments (or in forbearance) and simply want a fresh start..."
"We need to move now, but there are liens that will prevent me from selling..."
"We've been on the market for 3+ months, and it doesn't look like we will sell soon..."
"Our listing expired but we still want to sell..."
"We already have another home under contract, and must have a specific closing date..."
"We've admittedly let the house "go" a little bit, and don't feel like paying for all of these repairs..."
"Grandma and Grandpa are having some health trouble, and we need to move close to them immediately..."

These are the typical sellers we help.

How do you determine my offer? 

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The Service Fee will not change. What may change is the repair amount and/or the holding costs. The higher the price point; the more repairs; or the more the holding period, the higher those % and $ may go. The opposite is also true. Someone could have a pristine home and only have just the Service Fee!

What areas will you buy in?

Technically speaking, anywhere and everywhere from Mineral Wells to Canton; and the Red River to Hillsboro. We prefer to buy in subdivisions and surrounding communities that have enough data to give sellers an exiting offer! As we go further and further out, the more challenging it will be to sell within our model.

What are the steps once we agree to terms?

It's extremely simple!

We put everything in contract form using a standard TREC Contract

We schedule a good time to have a general inspection (our expense, of course)

Pick a closing date that works best for you, the Seller

Communicate with Title Company for any extra forms that may need signing

Meet at closing and sign closing documents

I'm listed on the market already. Can I still sell to you?

Yes, indeed! We are very agent-friendly because... well... we are Realtors too. If you are exclusively listed with an agent, and you want to abandon the traditional listing route to sell to, you MUST discuss it with your agent first. We will not bypass an agent you have an agreement with. That being said, we have no problem negotiating a substantial referral fee with the agent AFTER you have spoken with them. We want everyone to win!

What fees can I expect before, during or after my closing?

The only fee that you as a seller will pay is the 4.5% Service Fee; and that fee comes out of your equity at closing. Also, depending on the time of year we close, you will have some prorated taxes. That's it! We cover the rest of your closing costs. It's completely free to have us visit your home, make an offer on your home, or consult you on your home. There's no expectation or obligation to sell at anytime before we sign a contract.