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Patrick O. - Buyer

David was incredibly helpful throughout the home-buying process and I would highly recommend him to anyone that is considering buying a home in the area. This was my first purchase so I went in with limited knowledge but felt confident throughout the process thanks to David providing clear and  concise information as well as honest and upfront advice. I was not an easy client and had him showing me a ton of homes in a short amount of time but he was always quick and responsive and helped put me in a position to be competitive and successful.

Angela H. - Developer

Dave was wonderful right out of the gate. Very knowledgeable and responsive every step of the way. He works hard for his clients. If he didn’t know the answer, he found a expert on his team who did. Lovely experience from start to finish.

Melissa W. - Investor

David was great to work with. He quickly found a list of several properties meeting my requirements. He was available promptly to walk though them with me. He was able to answer all of my questions and was very knowledgeable about the area in which I was looking to purchase a property. He  negotiated very effectively on my behalf and we were able to quickly come to agreeable terms with the seller. I will definitely use David when searching for my next property.

Liz M. - Buyer

David was very helpful in my home search. I had some specific things I was looking for, and David happily helped showed me numerous homes before finding the perfect one. He was always knowledgeable and very honest about the process! I was always confident he had my best interest in mind when making  recommendations. He was very honest about pricing and offers, which I appreciated. He also was very helpful in walking houses, pointing out things to keep in mind!

Matt N. - Seller

David is the Best in the Business. He is professional, knowledgeable, approachable and available at all times for questions or support. He thoroughly explains the selling or buying process and completed a very quick sale of my Dallas home. David is my go to Realtor in the DFW area.

Jake P. - Buyer

Dave helped me find a good place in a great location, guiding me through the process seamlessly as a first time home buyer. He was thorough, attentive, and responsive throughout the process. I’d highly recommend him to anybody in the market in DFW.

Anthony C. - Buyer

Dave is a genuine, down to earth Realtor who is truly looking out for his clients' best interest. My fiancé and I's first home buying experience was a piece of cake because of Dave. He is one of the best.

Michael H. - Relocation

If you are reading this while searching for a Realtor, then your search is over. I reached out to David before moving to Texas from Hawaii as I needed a Realtor I could trust to find my wife and me a house. He went above and beyond and exceeded all expectations. Given the crazy-hot housing market at the time, I lost count of how many offers we put in only to have to move on to a new prospect. Despite the amount of hours he put in, David went to see every single house and gave us a detailed rundown of each. I am beyond grateful that I chose him as my Realtor, and I will never use anyone else so long as I need property in the DFW area.

Krista N. - Buyer

We met David at an open house, and unlike most Realtors at open houses, David was 100% personable and relaxed and 0% “salesperson trying to get your business.” His no-pressure approach while talking to us about the house really caught our attention and when we left the open house, we both agreed we  should work with him. Being new to DFW required us to rely heavily on David’s knowledge of the area. He always maintained a professional demeanor but was also honest and it felt like he had our best interest in mind. As we would look at houses, he was extremely knowledgeable about what warning signs to look for in the home that might be larger issues. He has a good eye for quality renovation work vs. poor quality, and his feedback and insight made our decision making process much more efficient. We ended up closing on our home in 10 days, which typically would have been a very stressful process, but David and his Marketing Coordinator, Alexa, did everything that they could to ensure the process was seamless. Their responsiveness to our questions and concerns put our worries at ease, and believe it or not, the closing went smoothly! We would be confident to recommend David to anyone looking for a Realtor.

Isabel B. - Seller/Buyer

Many people wonder what value a Realtor brings to buying or selling a home. I was one of those people. Then I worked with David Stoltzman and recognized the difference between what I could do on my own and the insights and benefits a true professional can offer. In selling my home, he created a solid strategy that got me my asking price. And when that contract fell through—he explained he had kept in touch with the other people who offered me the same—“just as a backup.” They bought the house. If David hadn’t secured that backup offer, I could have lost time, money and the house I wanted to buy. David tightened the criteria for my new house and we were able to quickly decide which home was the perfect home for me. He was responsive, available, smart and personable—and really knows his neighborhoods. But it’s not just about walking through houses. David has connections with other professionals that are as Top Gun as he is. The mortgage person, the title company, the inspector, the photographer, stager, moving companies—all pros. My favorite “value add” was the phone call David arranged where I talk to one person and he sets up my Internet, TV, utilities, security alarm and even a locksmith. This company reviewed each package and explained which were the “best deals.” All those appointments were made and confirmed by the same man. It was seamless. Bottom line? You can do it yourself, but you will miss something, and it will cost you more than you can imagine. You can hire a neighborhood Realtor and get someone who treats it (and you) like a hobby. Or you can call David Stoltzman and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with hiring a true advocate who knows his stuff. It’s an investment that I’m glad I made.

Ashley and Brayden B. - Buyer/Seller

“If you are looking for a Realtor who goes above and beyond in helping you find the perfect home, then David is your guy!

Like many, we struggled to find a home that met our needs in a market with low inventory. David took the time to find homes that matched our criteria, then contacted them regardless if they were actively for sale or not! David sold our previous home while we were purchasing our next home and the process of buying and selling at the same time was seamless. We highly recommend David to anyone looking for a Realtor who meets and exceeds expectations.”

Aaron & Sarah L. - Buyer

David helped us out for over 18 months with our house search without skipping one beat in service. If you want someone who is going to treat you like a person and not a number on their sales goal...look no further than David Stoltzman. We were looking for our home during the Pandemic, which was arguably the worst time in the last 10 years to buy a house. Dave never missed a beat with updated information, pricing changes, or just the occasional chat off-the-ledge that we were "never going to find a house." As a financial professional myself, I can tell you that you will not find another Realtor that has the financial acumen that David has in the DFW area. He will help you get all of the information necessary that will help you and your family make an informed financial decision. A bigger price tag is not what David is looking for, he's looking for an opportunity to set your family up for a successful home transaction now and in years to come. The transaction was smooth and David made sure all legal documents were efficiently executed with no hiccups. From a negotiation standpoint, David is not afraid to go to bat for his clients for what is fair, and is also not afraid to tell you what might kill the deal. Hard truths sometimes either way, but his honesty speaks volumes. The service did not stop after the sale. We worked through some issues after our purchase with the sellers and David was right there spearheading the efforts to make sure we had everything we needed and everything was handled properly. If you're looking for someone in this area who is going to remember your name, call you back and make sure your family is taken care of from both home and financial standpoints, I would highly recommend David Stoltzman and the Randy White team.